Inspired by several trips to the world famous Majorelle Gardens in Marrakesh, Morocco, the Lullingstone Team couldn't resist creating our own mini version! Raised brick beds are surrounded by glorious blue paintwork showcasing an eclectic mix of plants associated with the Mediterranean region, from bulbs to Bougainvillea to Palms. Highlights include the stinky "Dog Pooh Plant" (Kids love this plant! Note: Flowers sporadically!) "Amaryllis Chico" and "The Majorcan Peony".

The Moroccan Blue Room was opened on 27th May 2012 by Iris Chapman and Pat Poynter. Iris and Alan Chapman visited the Majorelle Garden in Morocco, now owned by Yves Saint-Laurent, and returned with the idea of creating something similar at Lullingstone. Pat Poynter generously donated many of the bulbs you see in the Moroccan Blue Room.

The Moroccan Blue Room has a classic Mediterranean feel to it and a Moorish influence is also evident. The mosaic-covered fountain gives that all-important sound of water and the garden could be described as both vibrant and soothing. The gate to the right 'looks out' onto another part of the garden and the terracotta floors make the garden feel like an extension of the house.