Restoration and Maintenance at Lullingstone is ongoing. Most recently in February/ March 2012 we repainted the Great Hall ceiling (below left), the stairway (right) and the Recess Dining Room. The last time this was done was more than 30 years ago. Visitors will be very impressed!

In the Winter of 2010/ 2011 when the snow suddenly melted, part of the roof above the stairway gave way (below right). For the best part of a day, the red bin (below left) had to be emptied of meltwater every hour.

Without the support of our visitors, restoration work and ongoing maintenance would not be possible. Though we wish we could still charge only 75p for an Adult ticket as we did in 1976!

Meerkats move into Lullingstone

We should also thank meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei who came to stay in early 2012, showing the world that Lullingstone is fit even for furry oligarchs.


In 2012 and 2013, Compare the Market aired adverts featuring meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei enjoying Lullingstone.

Between January and March 2012, ‘Tough decision’ was aired. In it, Aleksandr decides to provide Sergei with a laptop so he can stay up all night to deal with people comparing credit cards.

The second advert, 'Fat Sergei', aired in February 2013. It features a rather plump Sergei trying to get into shape.

Tom Hart Dyke, creator of the World Garden at Lullingstone, says,

“I enjoyed showing Aleksandr and Sergei around Russia in the World Garden, though there’s less to see in their native Kalahari desert”.

Visitors to Lullingstone can see the rooms where the advert was filmed – Sergei’s IT room is in the Great Hall (see below), Sergei’s bedroom is our Ante Room and Aleksandr’s study is Queen Anne’s Drawing Room (see above).

The adverts can be watched here:
1 - 'Tough decision':

2 - 'Fat Sergei':