A snapshot

The 11th Baronet, Cousin David, resides in Canada. The baronetcy dates back to 1677.

When Grandfather Oliver was asked how he felt about becoming the 7th baronet, he replied "it will add 10% to the tradesmen's bills". Sir Oliver was a consummate engineer and designed and produced his own car, the Victor Cyclecar, in 1913.

Great Aunt Sydney founded the Scouts in Eynsford. In 2012, we celebrated 100 years since its establishment.

Great Grandfather William was a Conservative Member of Parliament in Kent for over 40 years. He was Chief Whip under Benjamin Disraeli and latterly, Chief Secretary for Ireland. Sir William often played tennis with King Edward VII, when Prince of Wales, and played a key role in establishing the rules of lawn tennis. He was one of the founders of the Lullingstone Lodge of Freemasons.

A keen jazz drummer, Great Grandmother Emily, daughter of the 7th Earl of Sandwich, founded the Eynsford Women's Institute.

Great Great Grandmother Mary, Countess of Sandwich, was Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria.

Great Aunt, the Honourable, Mary Bell (nee Dyke), daughter of Sir William and Lady Emily, was Maid of Honour to Edward VII’s Queen Alexandra.

Sir John Peche was first Lieutenant of Henry VIII's troop of royal guards, known as the Band of Gentleman Pensioners. But Sir John, alongside others, was considered a bad influence on Henry VIII and was banned from court as a result.

The Hart Dyke family are descended from Edward III.