Lullingstone Castle and The World Garden of Plants, Tom Hart Dyke

Manor House and Gatehouse

The present Manor House and Gatehouse, which overlook a stunning 15-acre lake, were built in 1497 and have been home to the same family ever since. Both Henry VIII and Queen Anne are known to have been regular visitors. Hidden in the grounds, alongside the River Darent, visitors will also find "Queen Anne's" Bathhouse and an 18th century Ice House.

A snapshot of Hart Dyke family history - did you know...?

Lullingstone was home to the famous Silk Farm, established in the 1930s, which produced silk for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation robes and wedding dress (below left). Lullingstone was also taken over by the British Army during World War Two for several purposes (below right). Lullingstone also has an interesting involvement with lawn tennis, dating back to the 1870s when the rules for the game were drawn up (below middle).



Preserving Lullingstone Castle

Lullingstone Castle is home to Tom Hart Dyke’s World Garden of Plants. Tom is the twentieth generation of his family to live on the Estate. He hopes that his World Garden will help preserve the Estate for future generations. Restoration and maintenance at Lullingstone is ongoing and visitors provide a vital source of income for this.

Tom's ambition for the World Garden to safeguard Lullingstone's future was documented on BBC2 - 'Save Lullingstone Castle' and 'Return to Lullingstone Castle' were broadcast in 2006 and 2007.

We are continually adding to Lullingstone's delights; most recently rediscovering Lullingstone's 1740s Fire Engine and some 1st/ 2nd Century British-Romano Pottery. See here for the latest discoveries.

Parish Church

Close to the Manor House is St Botolph'sParish Church of Norman origin, which contains some of the oldest stained glass windows in England.



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